Prem Rawat East Timor interview

An exclusive interview in a Dili TV studio

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    • henry wyman

      October 1, 2017

      This was an amazing interview. Prem Rawat covered the whole spectrum of the wrongs in the world and how to focus on what will make it right for all human beings. I like it very much.
      Can I show it to other people?

      • Chris

        October 2, 2017

        Yes, Prem Rawat will remain on the home page of for a while so please email all your relevant contacts and encourage them to show and share also. Happily I have permission to share this wonderful video recorded in my studio in East Timor.

    • henry wyman

      October 2, 2017

      Will watch it with few people in Bangkok, Thailand this evening, Monday 2 Oct. 2017

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