The Off The Grid Festival and 2nd Annual Shadow Government Conference was a resounding success for those who attended. We had great networking with on-going conference by Zoom agreed regarding a Plan for Earth. The unanimous view was that as well as other actions we need to develop sustainable communities and where better to develop a good model but here in Byron Shire, Australia where there is the greatest concentration of informed activists on our planet. Several people, including myself will meet soon to form a group with a view to forming a Trust that will hold land in perpetuity for sustainable communities. Anybody interested please email
This will be in parallel with being aware of what the elite few are doing to us and being part of the strategy to peacefully counter their desire to eliminate 95% of the population.
The workshops and presentations on Communication, Time Travel, Global Depopulation, Global Currency Reset , EMR, Earth Plan and Permaculture (we now have a Permaculture vegie garden) were brilliant and recorded (except the Communication Workshop by Andrew Omski) and will appear on in due course. We ended with a music & cinema session after dark Saturday.