By Chris McIlrath April 26th 2020

We are fortunate to live at a time when Martial Law has been undeclared but evident in almost every country on planet Earth when nothing out of the ordinary seasonal flu is going on. To quote Orwell, “In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

How and why this is occurring now is revealed by the most basic question asked in solving a crime – WHO BENEFITS? When we ask that question the culprits emerge from the smoke and mirror haze of scary false statistics propaganda and we then immediately recognize the motivation, method and intended outcome. In a moment we find the likelihood of exactly the opposite outcome.

Ok, so who benefits from compulsory vaccinating of everyone on Earth? Maybe big pharmaceutical corporations would benefit from 7 billion sales of say $50 each. Some would find that a bonus worth playing a credibility game with unsuspecting people, particularly if you can con them into doing it several times. Never mind that it is proven to weaken the genome and generally create a much sicker society.

Likewise the Goggles and Spyphone gangs who lobby to insist everyone has a smartphone that transmits their every movement and utterance to the A.I. marketing algorithm bonanza of data being the new oil.

Then we have the few people who control global media, banking (the unlimited creation of credit from nothing), poisons, private armies and armaments with the main aim of controlling the life and death of Earthlings for fun, deriving particular pleasure from physical and psychological torture as the world population is reduced to the 500 million goal mentioned in the Georgia Guide Stones.

Now at last we come to the good bit where everyone with 2 or more functional brain cells sees through the massive scam of Lockdown over a basic flu. They plant vegetables, beans, fruit and nuts. They get solar and/or wind or hydro power, build their underground shelters to shield them from the radiation poisoning that is 4G and 5G, WiFi and the whole radio frequency spectrum which combines wonderfully with the industrial toxic soup and stress to kill us with cancer and related immune and nutritional failures.

For those who can still think, now is the time to design and implement systems that naturally enables health and well-being for all – something similar to the pre-industrial age of agriculture where people co-operated to create food, shelter and clothing in an atmosphere of kindness and friendship where there is no need for a government controlled by the big end of town. Do what you love. Love what you do and love everyone who is around you.

For irrefutable references verifying all of the above If this interests you, please contact me to help lift tyranny and return to liberty.