This video has a brief introduction by Chris McIlrath followed by an assembly of brilliant clips from many well-informed sources to convey the true situation regarding the ‘novel’ (patented i.e. man-made) corona virus and the ‘experimental’ (untested) ‘vaccine’. for those highly familiar with this material you may like to skip through the first 25 mins and go to the last 45mins which is Catherine Austin-Fitts  startling but accurate assessment of the goal of the ‘Mr. Global’ team who have created the illusion of a health crisis so as to remove 100% of our liberties in their robot world. Well worth watching a few times to grasp the actual ‘big picture’ and get inspired to peaceful effective action to save our species from slavery followed by extinction. Happy viewing and please email: chris@znews.tv  with any comments good or bad and particularly if you want to work with me and approximately a million others to regain control of our planet.https://www.brighteon.com/f1869138-eb26-4c20-8a7c-9114b1ac8418