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ZNEWS.tv is committed to building a new global consensus around the societal narrative, improving the chances of evolutionary reforms and accord with planetary stewardship.  We subscribe to no one worldview or collective approach to transforming our world, yet strive to offer here the widest possible perspective on current events.

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OUR TEAM is comprised of assorted talent (to be revealed in due course – email: chris@znews.tv to join team) including:


Born in London England December 12th 1950 to Ireland’s top scholar with Oxford hons. grad. wife. Educated Dulwich College (UK), Sydney Grammar School, Canberra Grammar School, Southern Cross University (Law). Accounting Hart & Partners, London UK

Junior Executive 1969 with Utilux Australia (electrical & military components manufacturing) estimating and costing; subsequently executive responsible for downtime analysis – discovered how to double production in the first year.

1970 assistant editor Earwig Magazine Auckland NZ, highly respected independent media.

Established 3500 tree organic macadamia nut farm, Mullumbimby, Australia 1972. Also grew and sold 100,000 kg of potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, lucern. Horse breeding.

Became Tibetan Bodhisattva Buddhist in Kopan, Nepal April 1973 with Lama Yeshi.

Worked as a mechanic and had two car repair businesses and was sales manager of used cars

Opened the first Santos Health Foods store in Mullumbimby Australia – operated 1978-1981. Business expanded and still going strong, now a multi-million dollar not-for-profit.

Twice elected to Secretary of Committee (Byron) Bay FM community radio during the phase of obtaining licence to broadcast – one of the first broadcasters.

1981-85 property developer North Coast NSW, Australia. Subdivisions, renovations.

Qualified Trainer of Security Staff – Event and Personal Security, Ivory’s Rock, Australia

Engaged to develop software for the film and television industry 1985 with some of the most talented programmers in the world. Subsequently marketed feature film – the re-release of Australian biker classic ‘STONE’ in Cannes 1988 successfully negotiating sales in Europe, Asia and South America etc. with Los Angeles agents Trident Releasing. Chris also worked as a Video Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles with American Videogram.

This was followed by producing and directing a number of TV commercials, then profitable documentaries on UFO’s with over 700,000 downloads , Free/alternative energy devices, Globalization, The Creation of Credit from Nothing, ‘Vaccination – The Hidden Truth’ 400,000 downloads, ‘Between Iraq and A Hard Place’, ‘I’m Feeling Seditious’, often editing and narrating videos. Produced ‘Not The 6 o’Clock News’ live docu/comedy about covid hoax

Research on the state of our planet led to viewing the American film ‘911 In Plane Site’ and subsequently acquiring international rights to ‘911 In Plane Site: The Director’s Cut’, generally regarded as the top international film exploring the events of September 11 2001. Arranged Australia-wide free-to-air screening of that film (twice) on Network TEN television – with the top ratings in several capital cities – also on TV3 NZ with associated DVD release Australia in Blockbuster, other retail stores and on web. Mayoral Candidate Byron Shire 2022

Chairman Link TV, Television Broadcast Station, Lismore Australia.

Qualified Bush Fire Fighter – member NSW Rural Fire Service, Main Arm Brigade.

Worked in Timor-Leste for 16 years on water purification design, supply & installation. Clients included Fred Hollows Eye Clinic Dili, EDS, Dyncorp, RMS, Tiger Fuel plus assorted remote clinics & schools across Timor-Leste. Also designing, with Timorese engineers, a solar-powered electric car which produces flammable gas from water (H2O) a bi-product when batteries fully charged. Currently developing ‘Way Out’ how we survive global genocide.







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