Having a number of passports and/or citizenships and assets in a number of countries enables agility and surviving the big changes which are on their way.

We all know the world is in chaos. There are a great many credible reports of deliberate culling of most of the human population by Mr Global – the few who control the big corporations that control the governments of most countries.

We at are all about solutions. The information in the video may offer viable options for your secure future in these extraordinary times. The evil are being recognized and avoided and now plans are being made to peacefully replace the few genocidal maniacs who run our planet with kind well-informed heroes in the near future.

There is a new fully asset backed financial system which is about to replace the current fiat (worthless) money system.

Funny Money is backed by ten times the value of issued Funny Money i.e. no inflation, no taxation exchange of tokens.

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