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Welcome to ZNews – the final word in truthful news.

In the Internet age, we are blessed with an abundance of information.  Yet, at ZNews we believe only the truth has power to change society for the better.

We know there are various competing theories as to our origins and our ultimate fate as the human race.  However, we at ZNews also believe we can alter the course of human civilization and simultaneously protect future generations of all life by reckoning truthfully with our common predicament.

Ecological and social justice underpins our commitment and we seek to make ZNews a resource for the world movement toward sustainability in all sectors and all nations.


How can I get my video featured with Znews?

Email CHRIS at ZNEWS dot TV

We are pleased to receive your genuine, newsworthy videos and prefer no solicitations of any kind.  Thank you for your respect.

What distinguishes ZNews from the popular media and its status as a corporate mouthpiece?

We at ZNews.tv see the future of utopian, rather than dystopian, possibilities is a self-fulfilling prophecy dependent only upon our choices now.  We are not in favor of corporate personhood, nor are we in favor of the dominant paradigm of hierarchical control of resources and information.  We at ZNews pledge to be a mouthpiece of the People and the Earth, and to help liberate all human potential for goodness and holistic stewardship.

ZNEWS.tv is continuously undergoing design improvements.  Thank you for your patience while we enhance the functionality of our site.

Newest Questions

What is the mission of ZNEWS.tv?

We are setting forth to inform the populace of the many injustices and threats to natural lifestyles and a healthy co-existence upon planet Earth.  And we are equally committed to providing the solutions-based media that can stem the tide of collective irresponsibility.

May I become a news-gatherer/journalist for ZNews?

We will soon develop a program to assess candidates for ZNews video-documentary production and field journalism.  We are committed to the widest possible development of information exchange and truthful analysis especially of the social & ecological justice equation on Earth.

May I buy shares in ZNews?

ZNews is being capitalized as a world-changing media resource with an initial internal valuation of (US)$1MM.

Your contributions will secure ZNews tangible media market-share as we reach more and more through social marketing strategies now in-effect.

Our immediate reach is calculated to be no less than 10-million, while a future audience in the 9 to 10-figure range is estimated.

Convertible notes are considered the appropriate mechanism for your ownership share that will be provided upon requests emailed to:  CHRIS at ZNEWS dot TV.  Thank you for your participation in this new vision of media – ZNEWS.tv.

Can I buy shares in znews?

Please click on ‘Buy Shares’ in the menu of any page at ZNews.tv.

Thank you for your support of new media.