NOW OR NEVER share around.  Your council, state and federal members, everyone……….

We have only the month of April to stop Australia signing on to the World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulation changes which will give it the power to force vaccinations of its choosing on everyone whenever it wished to declare another pandemic.
The WHO Treaty is not due to be signed until May 2024, but there is a clause that there is no opt-out for any country in the 12 months before the Treaty is signed.  Again that leaves us only April this year to protest to our Federal politicians about their willingness to sign away our freedoms.
This is what is urgently needed:
1. CLICK or copy this link into your web browser and press Enter –

  1. scroll down until you see Maria Zeee’s video in the page
    3. follow through with the three steps listed beneath Maria’s video
    4. send these instructions to every freedom orientated Australian you know or to anyone who is waking up to what these vaccines have done
    Please follow through like your life depends on it.  The initial wave of these emails back in February got the attention of politicians in Canberra, but they are still sending out dismissive replies, so they need to see that more Australians are serious about this issue.
    It is an Australian right to petition your political representatives – please follow through as soon as you can, and the more friends you have in other states beyond NSW the better it will be.