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ZNEWS have full use of a TV station, ‘Timor TVE’ with the latest cameras, control room, green screen studio etc. My office has hi-speed broadband and advertising deals with an international telephone/internet company operating in East Timor. We have begun production of our own shows!

The main focus of ZNEWS is environmental infotainment including alternative energy production, sustainable living from/on the ocean, nutrition, personal development, building and gardening tips although there will be a considerable amount of music videos, comedy and some cutting edge bulletins on current events that affect life on Earth. A mix of trivia and matters of consequence with a generally unbiased, positive outlook – we tell it as we see it.


  1. Domain which is being upgraded to a 24/7 internet tv channel
  2. 5 + 5 year lease at no-cost with 50% of the gross income generated from producing and/or broadcasting ads and shows with the fully equipped TV studio and licensed TV broadcast now on air in East Timor with plans for TVE to be available on the internet worldwide with some overlap with shows on but with a more commercial rather than the ‘alternative’ bent of
  3. 200 films we can broadcast now plus an in principle deal with the owner of (Singapore) to access his US$400 Million worth of films and TV series and “work together”. Separately an offer of hundreds of films from another source at a modest price.

These three items provide a sound basis for a profitable and enjoyable business with complete broadcasting freedom. If we charge a miniscule $100 per minute to broadcast TV adverts, with 10 minutes of ads per hour, 10 hours per day – that’s US$10,000 per day x 360 = US$3,600,000 per year (may take a year or so to gradually get those numbers) just from the land-based TV channel, add internet TV to that and quite clearly the potential profit is very great. Say $1000/minute

I am confident that with the above 3 items now in place, we will earn money this year. Anyone investing in ZNEWS will get a good return within 12 months. The setup cost is around US$50,000 to get the website finished and to acquire and screen excellent and cutting edge films and news 24/7 with the viewer being able to select what they want to watch from a panel on the right if they prefer an alternative to the default continuous line-up. We are part of the way there already.

Immense fun, immediate start. We need to get the site finished and convert the films we have already to be fast and smooth over the internet and have more content from WOW in Singapore plus others with hundreds of classic titles plus setting up a deal with a web advertising agency. We can be fully operational and earning money with your support.

During the next month we plan to have our website enabled for 24 hour free TV broadcasting 7 days a week for many years to come. Watch films as scheduled or choose what to watch in what order.

ZNEWS is a new and entirely independent Internet TV channel, based in East Timor. Right now we have some great films which can be viewed on

Look now and you will find a film which shows compelling evidence that a few big corporations, often disguised as governments, have deliberately designed and created most of the catastrophes of the last 100 years. The film is titled ‘JFK to 911’ but links events before and after. Also a short video about an impressive new international tribunal which intends to restore sanity to corporations and governments – Noam Chomsky and others of his caliber provide an alternative to the intentional chaos around us.

We will bring you some films the main stream media will not bring you because most big media is either directly owned or controlled by the armaments manufacturers (like NBC – General Electric or ABC in America – Westinghouse, both major defense contractors) or indirectly via advertising contracts and other less visible means such as main stream media employees also being paid by the usual suspects.

Are corporations masquerading as Governments, issuing fiat (baseless) currencies with Organized Crime masquerading as Intelligence agencies; some Businesses disguised as Religions with their doubts dressed-up as beliefs and Propagandists pretending to be News and Media, with all these groups acting in concert to enslave humanity for the benefit of a cold-blooded Elite few?

Having the ability to put on shows we think important including a large number of brilliant, copyright-free shows plus making our own shows and being open to viewer requests gives us the chance to serve the public in a unique, magnetic and hopefully ‘viral’ way (in the best sense). We are supported by private investors and guided by their suggestions and also will be funded by advertisements from an agency that will pay per viewer or per hit on the advertisers websites.

ZNEWS = informative, profitable and fun. “Accurate information is the oxygen of democracy”. Bombing poor people back to the Stone Age is not our method.

Whilst we may run our own ads or promote our investors businesses or areas or interest, mostly adverts will be smoothly inserted during shows similar to regular ‘free to air’ TV. For the internet this will be done automatically by an agency, giving individual viewers ads related to their specific interests as recorded by their internet searches. There will also be an option for subscribers to watch any and all shows with no ads for a small monthly fee.

As we will have very modest overheads together with continuous screening of films which a rapidly increasing number of people are looking for and watching on the internet we plan to be at breakeven within 6 months and delivering dividends to investors one year from now. We will have additional shared income from a land-based TV station now broadcasting to Dili and surrounds extending to IPTV

Shares available now at US$10 each. How many shares in ZNEWS would you like?

Any further information contact:
Chris +67077323351 –
Skypename: chrismcilrath