HAPPY Money System By Christopher F. McIlrath 24th April 2023

This new money system is the result of some decades of research and the solid contributions of 7 well-placed people:

1. Federal Labour Senator Gerry Jones, 3rd most powerful person in the Australian Federal Government at the time, head of the Committee on Defence and the Committee on Foreign Affairs; 2. The Official Spokesperson of the Economic Research Branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia; 3. Dudley Leggett; 4. Jeremy Lee; 5. The Founder of the Central Bank of Timor-Leste; 6. The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Southern Cross University 1996, agreed with my proposition: “Banking is fraud”; 7. Christopher McIlrath, who has joined the dots and come out with the new, fully asset backed by goods and services HAPPY MONEY SYSTEM.

Implementing the Happy money system by the government would immediately give prosperity to all, with zero inflation and no taxes*. This would be achieved by ending the banks unlimited credit (money) creation and distributing equally to everyone for free a total of about 10% of the total value of all goods and services in the market place**. But unfortunately “the banks control the government” (Quote from Senator Jones). How is this possible?

To fully comprehend the problem and the solution one must abandon as probably misleading, most of what we have been told about money and government.

Money is a medium/lubricant of exchange, so the guy who wants to sell a cow can do business with a woman who wants to sell a hen and every other business transaction.

The fatal flaw of the current financial system is that “There is no limit to the amount of credit the trading banks can create from nothing”. (verbatim quote from the Reserve Bank).

About 97% of money has no physical existence – it is tickled up on keyboards by the elite bankers. This is the cause of inflation as far too much is tickled up. Only 3% of money is coin or paper. HAPPY money is fully asset-backed and as such will be physically issued in quantities far below the value of the goods and services which are readily available in exchange for the HAPPY notes. All notes are individually numbered and printed on metallic paper. It is not ‘book entry’ or ‘fiat’ money. It is all real, not virtual. This is the difference.

To obtain HAPPY notes or further information and a catalogue of Goods and Services Providers (soon to be printed) who honour your HAPPY money including organic food, accommodation, I.T. services, plumbing, healthy cleaning products, outstanding health products etc please contact

Chris McIlrath ph: 0421022740 email: or +61421022740 website:

*The government is given adequate money to run itself. ** The multiplier effect of money circulating enables all goods and services to be bought/sold without inflation

HAPPY DEALERS – Goods and Services Providers who accept Happy Notes.

24th April 2023

Please note that this list is evolving and growing weekly. Also it is possible that the Happy dealer will only accept a certain number of Happys, so please confirm how your goods and/or services will be paid for before placing your order. For example Flash Computers will accept Happys for labour but not parts.

Macas Camping Ground ph: 0266845211 1156 Main Arm Road, Main Arm 2482

Whites Roofing – Chris 0413300130

I.T. Programming etc. Joe Barnard 0403184323

Flash Computers Mullumbimby 02 66844124

Handyman builder Wayne 0423218417

Violin lessons 0266843448

Recording Studio Stav 0403441848

Healthy cleaning products and outstanding health products email:

Mechanical Repairs – David Felsch Ballina – 0407007559

Sound and Lighting – call 0421022740 ask for Jason

Natural Dog Therapies Nutrition Wellness – Alaina 0422665744

Consultant – All problems have solutions – satisfaction guaranteed 0421022740

FURTHER INFORMATION, ANY DIFFICULTIES OR TO LIST YOUR GOODS and/or SERVICES please call Chris McIlrath 0421022740 or email:

Note: for those desiring significant quantities of Happys a distinctive design, perhaps including your face or business can be printed, limited edition individually numbered.