Trump Train off the Tracks? by John Rocket

Trump Train off the tracks?

I guess I am not unlike any other libertarian-minded person – the notion of the Clinton dynasty being smashed on the rocks dragging its cargo of blatant money grabbing, degenerate filthy behavior, theft, lies and murder to the muddy floor of an ocean of populous dissent, fills me with joy. However, I remain fearful that the rise of Trump is just a magnificently executed ruse to contain this ocean of hope into something more manageable. My fear is founded on the facts that he has not distanced himself from likes of the CFR or Goldman Sachs and that he has appointed the best military minds to manage domestic security affairs. If I was worried about a tyranny, than such things might be triggers for concern.

Do I really think these powerful and shadowy people would let anyone move against them and their plan for a New World Order – even one of their own, the wealthy Donald Trump? Is it that that their domestic intelligence is so weak? Do I really think they were unaware of an emerging concern in white, Christian, working class, well-armed America? Were they not expecting the so-called whitelash?

The fear of these international socialists – the tyrant class – might well be that the people may suddenly wake-up to the sham being perpetrated against them. Even their vile army of ‘useful idiots’ spewing out their totalitarian PC venom may wake-up.  There is the risk an uncontrolled detonation of revolutionary people power, self-igniting into a blaze of anger so powerful that all their nasty minions cannot stop it. After all, the ordinary folk outnumber them – and they are armed. It is not that the tyrants care about the streets running red with blood as the right confront  the left. I don’t think sociopaths have such emotions. They would only have narcissistic worries about their own necks, their own loss of power and the spilling of their wealth accumulated over millennia back into the hands of the masses from where it was stolen.

I cannot help but recall the EDSA movement to overthrow Marcos and martial law in the Philippines in 1986.  This so called ‘people power revolution’ simply resulted in a power shift from one group of wealthy corrupt families into another group of wealthy corrupt families and probably no shift at all at the very pinnacle of power.  However, the people were subdued for a while and hoodwinked into believing that they had a victory – that they had a leader that cared for them (at least the Manila-based leftist intellectuals thought this) –  and that their lives would change.  Indeed the lives of the average Filipino did change – not just one but thousands of politicians, civil servants (and merchants) now dipped into the honey pot, assuring that the Philippine economy did not match the growth of its Asian neighbors, and that the average Pinoy remained powerless and poor to this day. Many of the rural poor lament the days of Marcos and these people still aspire to a better life.  As such, another populous hero emerges to war on beast system of corruption, illicit pharmacopeia and international interference. Is he for real? Actually I suspect so this time.

Trump is already changing tracks – or is he? Or did middle-America simply buy a ticket to a different destination?  Were they deceived? He has recently announced that the border gates will be flung open but this time legally documented immigrants by the hundreds of thousands (I guess to take American jobs), that Hilary and Bill are really good people and should be lauded for their past deeds and not locked-up, that Goldman Sachs goons can be a valued part of the Administration and be trusted to advise in the financial interest of the ‘We the People’ (and not the bankers), and that the head of the one of the largest global (no borders) energy corporations will suddenly espouse ‘National’ interests as Secretary of State.

If you were a shadowy sociopathic tyrant, and you needed to avert a pending civil revolt that would thwart your plans to create a corporate-technocratic feudal system (the so called New World Order) with a few ‘haves’ and a multitude of ‘have-nots’ ; given you need to do the final plunder the savings of the ordinary people and to suck-up their accumulation of property; given you needed to create a serf-class, drive down labour costs, import cheap, well controlled and taxable (documented) labour, and manage a continent like a corporation; given you might need to kill the dollar and control all buying and selling; given that you need to put down any civil dissent with strong, loyal law and order enforced with military precision; given you need to prepare a population for its own enslavement and contain this population from fleeing…. Who would you select to lead this process? Who would be in the team?

Is the Trump Train really off the tracks?


  1. Maybe Mexico will pay for a wall to stem the flow of refugees.